The LEGO Movie The Videogame or whatever mouthful it's called, is a surprisingly good game. I bought it day one, but I was hesitant. At first, I just saw MOVIE THE VIDEOGAME, and I understandably had doubts. I  went to the game on the Xbox marketplace, and watched some game clips from UPLOAD and looked at some screenshots. A friend was over at the time, and we both wanted to get it. So I bought the LEGO Movie The Videogame. We quit playing at around level 5 or 6. The next day, I ran through the rest of the story mode. If you want to see the movie, wait to get the game. The cutscenes are straight from the movie. I can come up with two complaints. First, we don't get a lot of characters. Most of them are Emmet, Wyldstyle, or Unikitty in a new outfit. The movie has Michelangelo and Milhouse, and probably more, I haven't seen it. My second complaint is the story flow. Sometimes, after a cutscene, you have to run to the next level spot, and it just doesn't flow very well at all. Still, this is a fun game, especially for co-op (or singleplayer, if you want to)/