Octodad is a different game. Its unlike many games out there in the main stream. It is one of the originators of a new trend, indie games with purposefully bad controls. These terrible controls along with the games humor and charm is where this game gets its appeal. It will have many a player raging during the more difficult sections, and the short run time (my playthrough barely clocked in under two hours) may deter some people. But if your looking for a fun, goofy, and totally not serious trip, Octodad is your go to game. This game made me smile and laugh harder than any other game in recent memory. It knows that a game is supposed to be fun and your supposed to have a good time, instead of yelling into a microphone at your opponents and be all serious and what not. Its a gem in the sea of indie games. A must play for anybody that likes to have fun, but doesn't mind a side of anger.