Call of Duty is a franchised that has been constantly bombarded with hate and criticism. Although some of it is deserved, Call of Duty does do things right.Call of Duty 4 was incredible, MW2 added a ton of killstreaks, MW3 was okay to me and now with Ghost , it is kind of neutral. Infinity Ward is almost doing nothing with the franchise. It is as if they are scared to change anything. Now that is not necessarily a bad thing because the game is already a decent game. With good controls and fun multiplayer and good campaigns. But Ghost does not offer too much. Let me tell you what it does offer. STORY:I'll start with the campaign. For me, the campaign was extremely fun. I enjoyed the story and the gameplay. The story starts off with a group of soldiers being set to a hospital to save the patients(for reasons unknown). Eventually most of the soldiers die off and one of them guides the patients to safety. The rest stay and lay atop the bodies of their fallen comrades and bodies of the enemies. Once the enemy passes them, the soldiers rise from the fallen bodies(like Ghosts) and kill the remaining enemy soldiers. Then the South Americans start attacking for reasons unknown, but the gameplay is fun and over the top action. Things a CoD campaign has regularly. The ending was also odd.*Semi spoiler alert* It seems like it ends but it doesnt. Then it seems like it ends again but doesnt. Then when it does end, it is kind of weird and very far stretched. *Semi spoiler over* Now for the multiplayer. ONLINE: Multiplayer is practically a copy and paste of older entries. There are a few new things, such as the way you make a class has changed. It is similar to CoD: Black Ops 2, you have a certain amount of spaces to fill in any order you seem fit and you have to buy your weapons, attachments, killstreaks, etc. In addition to that, you now have more than one soldier to play as. Each soldier is like one prestige. So you dont prestige anymore, you just rank up different soldiers. Each soldier starts off with 3 classes. More can be purchased. Want a class with a ton of perks? You got it. Want a gun with 3 attachments and a lot of grenades? Have at it. The 3 different types of killstreaks make a return from MW3. You have Assault(Kind of regular killstreaks such as Trinity Rocket, Attack helicopter, etc) which you can only get by getting a certain amount of kills in a row without dying. Support (Ex:Ammo box, ballistic vest,etc) which has things to help fellow teammates. These killstreaks usually do not involve a lot of killing. Mostly just, well, support. But that is why they never reset after death. Special involves getting extra perks after a certain number of kills. These also need to obtained without dying. Most killstreaks are now grounded. What i mean by that is that there are almost no killstreaks that attack from above. The maps are a bit different as well. It seemed as if Infinity Ward stole some ideas from their rival DICE. There are now "destructable" environments. That just means SOME walls can be blown up and some doors can be blown through. Then some maps have these "Levolution" things like BF4, except on a smaller scale. Like a few mortars fall from the sky or a map gets covered by smoke for a few seconds.  It is really a sad attempt to copy Battlefield 4. Another attempt to copy BF4 is they tried to make make the maps bigger. I mean they are not BF4 sized, but some maps are pretty large. I found some matches being ended by the time limit, not by the kill limit. There is also this thing called "Squads" mode. Its pretty much just the soldiers you bought going up against someone else's soldiers. Practically just a practice mode. Extinction:

extinction is the equivalent of Zombies mode in the Black Ops series. Only this time, its not as fun in my opinion. You fight aliens on 1 available map and you have to destroy their hives with this drill. Once you place the drill you must protect it. Then you do that a few times again then you win. Not much fun to me.

Summary: Call of Duty Ghost is not a bad game, but one can say it is not good either. It is more of the same then ever before. You would think Infinity Ward would add a ton of new things to Ghost because the Modern Warfare series over and they can start over. Nope. Same old same old. If you liked previous CoD games then you'll like this one, no doubt. If you are yearning for something new and exiting, this is definitely not for you. There are far better shooters out there like Battlefield 4 and Killzone. Overall score: 7.75