Enslaved Odyssey to the West(which I'll refer to as Enslaved)is an awesome action/adventure game,because it has a great mix of beat em up and 3rd/person shooter cover mechanics and has very philosophical/spiritual  story elements.


The game is set hundreds of years in the future,in a post apocalyptic world after global warming has decimated much of the world's population.Robots (mechs)plague the world and will try to kill any human on sight because they were programmed to do so during some past war.Also,people who wear black clothing and masks go around on airships and capture people and make them into slaves.Little is known about the slavers,but it's believed they serve those inside a big,mysterious pyramid.The story has some big and very surprising plot twists and trust me when I say they're very surprising and philosophical.One example of this is how the story made me think ''would it be better to live in a false existence where you're happy and everything looks beautiful,or in a true reality that's horrible and like hell? The story also has other philosophical questions and isn't purely black and white.

The main characters in the game are Monkey,Trip and later Pigsy joins them too.

Monkey survived in the wildness alone and has great martial arts and climbing skills.

Trip is from a village but she was captured by slavers.Trip is a bit of a tech wizard and knows how to hack computers or use high tech stuff to aid her and Monkey in battle.

Pigsy is a fat,oafish guy who's a bit of a tech wiz and uses high tech weapons/gadgets.

Other examples of how the story isn't black and white is how Trip makes Monkey her own slave by putting a headband on Monkey that will kill Monkey if Trip dies,and it's a way that Trip can force Monkey to help her cross the dangerous world(filled with mechs)because Trip knows she cannot survive the journey on her own.

Other ways the story drew me into the game was when Trip mentioned the tall trees that had grown in the city looked hundreds of years old(suggesting that nobody has been able to maintain the city for hundreds of years)and when Trip suggested that the city looks like it could have had thousands of people living in it,and Monkey said probably tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands,showing how the human population in this future earth isn't very much.

I guess you could say the combat has a God of War/Heavenly Sword hack n slash/beat em up style,with elements of 3rd person shooter and cover mechanics.The gameplay also forces you to do a lot of climbing,some platforming and puzzle solving and thinking of ways you can help Trip move through the environments(because Monkey can throw her onto certain platforms,but she cannot climb) and Monkey can carry her when he's walking/running but not when he's climbing.

Monkey carries a staff which can shoot energy projectiles,but he will need to collect plasma to do this(plasma can be found in certain places).You can defeat most enemies with basic combos/button mashing,but some enemies have energy shields which you'll need to bring down first before you can damage them(you'll need to do a special attack by holding the square button for a second or two,which will allow Monkey to do a special attack that will bring down enemy shields).

The platforming is very basic and it's nearly impossible for Monkey to fall off a platform because the platforms only allow you to jump from them in certain places that will lead you to where you need to go next,or so you can backtrack.You cannot miss a platform jump from poor distance judgement.Sometimes you'll need to swing from/to bars or climb by grabbing onto mini ledges and some of them are guarded by bursts of flames and you'll need to time it so you swing to the different bars/climb onto the mini ledges when the flames and not blowing out,or you will lose health,and sometimes it can lead to instant death if your caught by multiple bursts of flames quickly.

For the most part,the combat gameplay is mindless fun.

However,the gameplay is not without some very annoying flaws.

There is some segments where you'll need to shoot your staff at shielded enemies who are up high(out of the range of physical attacks)and you'll need to wait for those enemies to turn around so you can shoot their unshielded parts to destroy them,but it's rare/random for those enemies to turn around and expose an unshield part of them to you.You can hide from those enemies so they walk around and might expose an unshielded part of their body to you,but when I say 'hide' from them,I mean you'll have to be completely behind an object and not behind cover and sometimes the robots will prevent you from doing this by catching you in crossfire.This element of the gameplay slows down the game too much and is frustrating trying to wait for the robots to turn around and expose an unshield part of their body.

The game is also a bit glitchy,I has to reload my game 3 times on my first playthrough,because on two occasions,Monkey was stuck against a wall,and on another occasion,I was trapped behind giant gears which I needed to get past but I was unable to do so,because I did a puzzle in the wrong order.

Also,there is some annoying controls,such as the way you lower the sails on the fan blades,and it's done in a way that's a lot harder than it needs to be.

But for the most part,the gameplay is fun.

For variety,there's segments where you can surf around on a energy cloud at fast speed(I heard somebody mention a co-incidence about how Monkey has a tail,he can ride clouds and use a staff like Goku on Dragon Ball).

You can also ask trip to use holograms to distract enemies so she'll draw their gunfire towards her so you can move past some sections that are guarded by robots and you can also draw the attention of enemies so Trip can move past areas that are guarded by enemies.You'll need to use the 'draw attention' feature during some boss battles too,so they will run at you and run into an object and will leave themselves vulnerable.

Even though the platforming is simplistic,it still felt very satisfying to climb up high and through areas because you'll get climb through sections of buildings that are inaccesible by stairs and Monkey can climb very fast and he'll need to climb fast during certain boss fights and you'll climb across aircraft that are flying and when you're high in the air on a moving aircraft it's quite a thrill.


I knew the unreal engine was capable of beautiful graphics,but wow,I had no idea Enslaved's graphics were going to look so beautiful and detailed.

The developers of this game said they wanted to create a post apocalyptic/futuristic world,that has a lot of colorful and natural surroundings,and they did a good job with this.

I love how city ruins with tall trees and tall grassy areas combine.There's beautiful waterfalls and beautiful blue water.The graphics have realistic looking textures and detail and can be lifelike at times.I like how when you're moving across the aircraft when it's flying high in the air and you'll see beautiful scenery of the city/landscape below and how it looks like Monkey is struggling to stand up on the moving plane because of the powerful gusts of air.

The graphics can have an artistic feeling to them,such as how in the city surrounded by forest,you'll see beautiful red flower petals being blown by gusts of wind in a delicate way.

The game also has the dirty/metal sci fi environments too as well as some very futuristic environments with white walls and mysterious people who behave like drones and they're all linked to some sort of computer program.

The pyramid itself looks very mysterious from the outside,because it's a bright white color and stands out amongst a wasteland environment and it made me wonder what is actually inside pyramid,because it has a fascinating/futuristic look and is in a world that has mostly natural surroundings or ruins.

The game shows some real world footage of how the world looked like in the past when it was full of people and Monkey can find some of these footages and the game does a good job of making you wonder if they are somebody else's memories or making you wonder what they actually are.

Monkey himself looks like an interesting character because he has a tail,carries a staff(that glows when it generates/shoots energy)and he has a big tattoo on his back that looks like it's asian style.When Monkey uses his staff during combat,it gives his combat style a nice martial arts look.

Trip is a beautiful,busty red haired woman who wears/carries high tech gadgets.

Pigsy is very overweight and short but wears/carries high tech gadgets and weapons.

Sometimes when Monkey destroys robots,you'll see a close-up scene and their parts flying everywhere and it looks cool.


The music can be beautiful at times.The dialogue is well thought out because it makes you think about the story/world.The VA's match the personalities of the characters well enough.The philosophical dialogue and VA's of pyramid himself sound very intriguing,spiritual,philosophical while his voice makes him sound like he's somebody who's heavily influenced by machines/computers.


This game was an exceptional experience with a surprisingly philosophical/spiritual feel to it's story and is a visual treat and gameplay that's awesome at times but it's gameplay has some annoying problems which takes away some of the fun.