Mirror's Edge is very different to any other game I've played.It's played in first person view and you'll need to do some platforming and shooting is also an option and the gameplay can be quite fast as you'll need to run through environments while enemies are chasing you/shooting at you and do the occasional platforming jump and it can provide quite a rush because a missed platform jump can send you falling to your death and moving too slowly when you're trying to escape from enemies will result in your death too.There is also segments you can/will need to slide under objects or cling onto bars after you jump onto them and swing to another platform.

What also makes the experience enjoyable is the visuals which make the futuristic city have a clean and beautiful look in a cartoony kinda way but the cartoony artstyle has a mature and elegant look to it.

The story is about how the government oppresses people and is corrupt and censors information,and you'll play the role of a female Eurasian character named 'Faith' who's occupation is to deliver sensitive information to it's receive(her occupation is referred to a 'runner').

When Faith does her job,it will mean she will need to make death defying leaps from building to building and like I said she will need to outrun or can outshoot people who are trying to kill her.

Faith can also punch/kick her enemies to knock them out.The gameplay has a feature called 'reation time' which slows down time temporarily and makes it easier for you to take out enemies.Faith can also perform a 'disarm' which is where she'll steal the gun of an enemy and it's easier to do this when you're using the reaction time.Faith can also pick up guns from enemies who you've KOed.

The wall jump sections can be very delicate and if you miss just one jump,you'll need to redo quite a bit of work again,and it can be frustrating.

The controls feel as you would expect a first-person view game to feel,when you're running you get a sense of speed,the platforming feels a bit stiff since it's in first-person view but it gives you a much better sense of height that side-scrolling platformers and platformers played in 3rd person view cannot.

I've mentioned how the looks beautiful and clean and futuristic.The city also has things such as road bridges that you'll need to travel across and you'll run through shopping malls and factories and futuristic looking places.

The story is intriguing,not just because the government oppress the people so much,but also because Faith's family members are involved in the story in an emotional way and because of the extent of the corruption within the city's government and how criminals/undesirables are treated.

To be honest,I don't remember how the music for the game is,but I remember hearing Faith's fast footsteps when she's running around and if you fall from a building you'll hear gusts of air when you're falling and the splat tersound when you hit the ground(die).

The game is has an original feel and exciting gameplay and is beautiful but can be frustrating too due to control issues.