Halo 3 is an example of why I stopped playing FPS games during the 7th gen.It's campaign feels stripped down compared with the awesome campaign of the first Halo game and it focuses heavily on multiplayer and I don't like playing games online.

Halo 3 only lets you use aircraft while being autopiloted(on rails)unlike in the original Halo game in which you could fly aircraft through big environments and get into dogfights and shoot enemies on the ground and the big environments gave a great sense of scale.

At least Halo 3's battlefields are much bigger and less narrow than the ones in Halo 2 and allows for some exciting battles for when you're using vehicles over wide open areas.

The story doesn't really impress me,it feels similar to the story for Halo 2 in which humanity is in retreat from the covenant forces.At least the original Halo had interesting story concepts such as when you first learned about the planet Halo and it's secrets.Just like with Halo 2,Halo 3 tried to show you some of the story from the perspective of some of the covenant and allows you to use a covenant character (I forgot his name)for some gameplay segments but it doesn't really impress me because I find the covenant uninteresting.

There's some new powerful enemies such as enemies who'll try to pound you with giant hammers and they will constantly chase you and being struck by their giant hammer can easily result in instant death.There's some giant 4 legged walker things(similar to the ones on Star Wars)and they'll shoot at you of course and the only way to destroy them it to climb onto them and destroy their reactor type of thing and you'll need to get far away from them before they explode.These kind of things can make the gameplay be exciting at times.

Some enemies are well hidden amongst natural surroundings(even snipers)and this can lead to some exciting and long shooting/sniping duels.

However,the gameplay started getting boring quickly,unlike with the original Halo,because the gameplay doesn't let me fly aircraft wherever I want and since many of the environments aren't fun to battle on and since many of the mission designs aren't fun or don't feel epic,I could see this series had moved beyond me since it's campaigns were starting to lack so the developers could focus more on multiplayer.

There's also other annoying things about the game such as when you have to battle heavily armored enemies but no extra ammo is available in the area and you can't leave the area because you arrived there by an on rails aircraft segment,and because melee attacks are useless against those enemies,you'll have no choice but to reload from a previous checkpoint and redo lots of work.

Also some enemies that crawl on ceilings can only be killed with long ranged guns and it's easy to run out of ammo for those guns and those enemies can easily kill you if you don't kill them quickly because since their crawling on the ceiling,cover becomes almost useless and I found this frustrating.Also,the AI controlled allies drive the vehicles that you ride in extremely poorly and will drive straight off cliffs,causing you to die and make you redo long sections.

The graphics were nice looking for their time and it was the most realistic looking Halo game for it's time,it was nice to see the beautiful,realistic vegetation,soil,flowing water,landscapes,structures and the desert environment had some nice looking sand dunes and there's some organic structures that you'll need to enter and they will move as if they're breathing and they'll even talk to you and it's kind of creepy.But compared to other games released a year or 2 later the graphics do look rough.

The music keeps the beautiful and orchestra sounding Halo theme music and add some more beautiful music to it.

Overall the game is fun in patches but it's single player campaign feels lacking the features that made the first Halo so great and unless you play the multiplayer,I'd consider the game a disappointment because of the hype it was given,it's high price tag and since it's campaign is nowhere near as good as the original Halos.