Demon's Souls is like no other RPG I've played.It feels like it belongs in a different subgenre(perhaps it could be labelled a survival RPG).The reason I say this is it makes you work very hard to survive in the game.It's an action RPG,but carelessly hacking and slashing at enemies will get you killed quickly for sure.You'll need to block or dodge enemy attacks or you will die quickly.Another thing that makes Demon's Souls(which I'll refer to as DS)difficulty level so brutal is the fact the game's environments don't have save points nor does it have check points.If you die,you must restart the level.To make things worse,when you reach the end of a level,there's a boss waiting for you and the bosses can kill you quite easily.Even though you can use healing items,if you use an item and die afterwards,you won't get it back! So if you want to buy/use lots of healing items,it's a big risk because if you die you won't get them back afterwards and the game has an auto save feature after you die.


But it's the fact the game makes you earn the right to survive and makes you avoid getting hit by enemy attacks that makes the game a satisfying experience,and every time you defeat a boss and move on to the next environment,you'll feel like you earned it and you'll feel like your progression through the game is earned by you and is not handed to you on a silver platter.

You can save your progress but if you die or restart a level,all the enemies you've killed will come back and you'll need to make your way past all of them before you can face the boss at the end of that level again.

As for the gameplay mechanics,it's almost like a real-time mechanic but also has a stamina system.If you want to swing your weapon or use your shield to block,it will use stamina and you have a limited amount of it.Your stamina gets replenished quickly but enemies with more powerful attacks or blocking repeated attacks from numerous enemies will see your stamina drained quickly and you being left vulnerable.

You can choose to be 1 of a number of different classes and they really are quite unique.For example,a barbarian has very powerful melee attacks but he wears no armor.A knight wears armor and can do a decent amount of damage with his melee attacks but not quite as much as what a barbarian does.A royalty knight is a specialist at shooting magic at enemies from a distance but he has weak armor stats.A solider has well-rounded combat abilities whether it's melee(spears and swords)or ranged(he can use a bow quite well)but he isn't as heavily armored as a knight nor as his attacks as powerful as that of a knight or barbarian.There's a few other classes but I forgot what they are or what they can do.But some classes have better luck stats meaning they'll be able to find better items that get dropped by enemies or laying around the place.

You'll create a character from scratch(you choose their facial features,hair style and color and skin color).You can select their gender and you can even blend male and female physical features together(you can create a man who looks like a cross dresser if you want).You can even make your character have green skin,or make them look like a deformed,buck toothed humanoid if you want.

Other reasons I love this game is the sadistic feeling it's world gives you and the sadistic story scenes.The world looks very morbid but beautiful too.Some of the creatures look very large and dangerous.The environments make you feel like you're in a place that's associated with death,whether you're in a dimly lite castle or outside in the open or near some hills where dragons are waiting to scorch anyone who goes near them or even if it's some dungeon or murky swamp.Many of the enemies you'll encounter are quite grotesque too.

The enemies start of simple,slow and predictable,but later you'll encounter enemies that run/roll towards you very quickly,or savage dogs that catch your off guard if you move into a room too quickly or archers trying to pick you off from a distance or flying beasts that shoot projectile attacks at you from above you.And this is not counting the bosses.And yes you can fight the dragons in this game,but don't expect to defeat them with a sword and shield,you'll need to find cover from their flames and try to slowly bring down their health/kill them by shooting them with lots of arrows and they fly very fast and at angles so it's not as easy as it sounds.

Another reason I say this game is like a survival RPG is because your weapons and armor wear out(which I found to be more annoying than a test of skill).

The story is presented with beautiful but disturbing cinematics and talks about demons stealing the souls of humans and the music is very chilling.

The animations are very smooth and besides just being beautiful/morbid,the environments are quite detailed and have a nice realistic style to them.There's some beautiful mountain scenery during the cinematics and during the gameplay the wooden staircases and buildings made from stone have good detail and you'll see places on fire and damaged caravans and I like how different levels of darkness are used when you're inside buildings which allows you just enough visibility to see enemies.The castles have tall towers with many stairs to climb.

I like how you'll hear loud bashing sounds when weapons hit shields.

The game does require a lot of patience but it's a very satisfying experience because you'll feel like you accomplished something every time you make it to the end of a level and defeat a boss.

The only thing I don't like about the game are some of the trial by error segments it has,such as when you cautiously move across a bridge looking out for archers in the distance or enemies that might rush and it looks safe but then a dragon comes from above and breathes fire everywhere and you lose a lot of health/die and the only way to avoid it is to run across the bridge right from the start(but rushing through areas can leave you vulnerable to enemies that might be hiding somewhere or that might roll explosive barrels at you).There's other annoying trial by error segments such as rolling barrels that are on fire coming at you.Also,the fact if you die against a boss and have to redo an entire level again might test the patience of many gamers too much.

Overall,this game is unique and a very rewarding experience but you'll need a lot of patience and determination to get anywhere in this game.