In reading other reviews, one thing is clear. People come into this game with the wrong expectations. Despite the seemingly popular belief, this is not a Grand Theft Auto Clone. Nor does it try to be. At least not anymore.

This newest Saints game takes the ridiculous to even higher heights. From the Super Powers, to the Aliens, to the Guns. The bar of ridiculousness has officially been raised. Of those 3 aspects, only the Alien theme seems to fall short. The Super Powers are amazing. So amazing in fact that it completely ruins the fun of driving cars. It's a double edged sword.

One that, in this case, I'm willing to take a blow from. Because the Super Powers are THAT fun. Being able to scale skyscrapers in a matter of seconds by running the wall is a blast. Then jumping off said skyscraper to and hitting the ground so hard that a nuke literally hits the city - that is a whole new level of fun. The Super Powers add a flavor to the series that's well received. Even if it ruins one of my favorite aspects from Saints Row: The Third. I loved customizing the vehicles in that game. While it's still slightly fun, you never want to actually take the fruits of your labors on the road.

The story falls fairly flat. The side missions are a joke, and rarely fun (aside from the loyalty missions that is). And I never really wanted to see what happens next. But it provided a nice reason to use one of my favorite parts of this game: The Guns.

From the hilarious Dub Step gun, to the Bouncing rifle, there is much fun to be had. Even the overpowered Black Hole Gun had me finding myself shooting it just to shoot it! The effects are hilarious, exaggerated, and perfect. You can customize most of them, but I wish there was more you could do to "make it your own". Especially when it comes to the alien weaponry, where the options were extremely limited.

Overall, the game was entertaining. Albeit short.

Graphics 6/10
Sound 9/10
Playability 9/10
Entertainment 9/10
Re-playability 6/10