Beyond Two Souls(which I'll abbreviate as B2S)was my favorite game of 2013.I found it's story to be captivating,chilling and emotionally powerful.It's story shows the life of a character named Jody,from when she's a young girl until she's a woman,and Jody is constantly dealing with the presence of an entity named 'Aiden' that always follows her and gets in the way of her daily life because Aiden has the ability to move heavy objects and smash hard objects and constrict people to stop them breathing and Aiden sometimes uses these abilities to interfere in Jody's daily life to get her to do what it wants her to do.But sometimes Aiden will protect Jody from harm too.Basically Jody isn't sure what Aiden is or what it wants.

Jody feels like a real person because you'll get to experience her first kiss,see her on dates and trying to do things to impress her date,going to school dances and you'll see her having to deal with bullies.Decisions you make have major impact on the story,even something as simple as dealing with bullies in a more passive manner or using Aiden's abilities to retaliate violently against bullies will lead to very different story paths.It's the same for creating romance,the story allows romance possibilities for Jody but whether Jody is successful or not depends on decisions she makes.

When Jody is an adult her occupation(which I won't reveal)will allow her to travel the world and you'll deal with some pretty deep and emotional issues(not just regarding Jody's personal life but from events happening around the world).Tthe story makes you care about Jody and want to see her overcome obstacles and live a normal and romantically happy life,but since Aiden is always there and sometimes interfering in Jody's life,it's hard for Jody to live a normal life.

As for the game's gameplay,it requires quick reflexes for QTEs and the story continues no matter how well you perform action sequences but whether you're successful or not impacts the story a lot,especially the game endings.

The game does a good job of creating a love/hate relationship with Aiden.For example,you will hate it when he interferes with her dates but you'll appreciate him being there to protect Jody from bullies(there is something satisfying about trapping bullies in a room and throwing tables at them)and when he protects Jody from people trying to harm her.

The only thing I think the game could do better is having a bit more gameplay such as allowing you to explore areas which Quantic Dream's other psychological thriller Heavy Rain allows you to do a bit of,in B2S it feels like you're pinned down and the only gameplay you can do is QTE or making decisions.

The game has realistic facial expressions and realistic skin tone and the people in the game look almost life-like at times.

My final say on the game is it's extremely captivating and made me want to keep playing to see what happens next to Jody and to help her.