If you remember losing quarters in your local arcade, you will recognize Resogun’s structure. Taking homage to classic arcade shooters of old, Resogun’s visual style as well as its simple gameplay mechanics give players a great welcome into the next generation, as Geometry Wars did for the Xbox 360. Resogun is smaller game for new console owners to show off the horsepower of the PS4. But as you look under the hood, you will find an old shoot ‘em up that isn’t shy of showing off its inspirations.

The gameplay to Resogun is that of a classic twin stick shooter, use the left stick to move and the right to fire and get rid of all enemy on screen. But Resogun adds a new twist to the formula; along with exterminating all enemy ships on screen the player is tasked with rescuing all the humans on the planet to save them from ‘Armageddon.’  The only way to save humans is by defeating certain enemies that appear on screen at the given time. These ‘Keepers’ are green ships that appear onscreen for a limited time and must be destroyed before they eliminate their human prisoner. This adds tension as players will dodge and weave through enemy ships in search of ‘Keepers’ before they can escape. Saving humans can aid players, as helping them can give special perks such as bombs and extra lives.

During a level, players are tasked in destroying enemy ships and saving humans, filling up a phase bar at the bottom of the screen. Once the phase bar is full, a boss ship appears and the phase bar acts as the boss ship's health bar. Once the boss is defeated, the player's ship escapes the planet moving onto the next msssion.

As any arcade shooter, the game is meant to challenge and harden the player. After several rounds, the player will learn to master each level as well as learn to control and maintain each battle. The game is more forgiving than most arcade shooters, but also more rich and complex as well. Not only must you dodge projectiles, you must also be wary of enemies coming from both sides of the screen as well as humans to deliver to safety. Each is simple in itself but difficultly stems from doing everything at once.

The visuals of Resogun are absolutely stunning. The game is sharp and glowing filled with particles everywhere. As you destroy ships, the ships explode, leaving debris everywhere in its wake, showering onto the battlefield. During the end of the mission, the level explodes into hundreds of particles as your ship races across the level, leaving a stunning fireworks show.

However I can’t let my enthusiasm for the game cloud my judgment. As much fun as the game may be, it is very short with only five levels in total. Along with that, Resogun lacks any real variety other than arcade mode and leaderboards. Other shooters of this genre often contain endless modes where a player would fight until their last life. No mode such as this exists, which is surprising given its genre. Another issue I have with the game is that there is no option for coop other than online coop. For such a smaller game, a local coop option would feel refreshing, entering into the next generation of consoles.

Resogun is an excellent game for the beginning of the PS4’s life. Its small scope may leave players finishing the game completely in a few hours, but its simple controls and spectacular light show visuals will keep players coming back for more quick play sessions. Resogun collides everything players want from a classic arcade shooter and blends them together creating a gorgeous visual laser light show.