I'm not a big FPS fan but I enjoyed this game.When you move around and aim your weapon it feels smooth unlike many other FPS games that have clunky controls.

I like how your fellow soldiers will fight alongside you in battle and you'll see many of them getting shot dead to add a sense of realism.The developers tried to add a bit of variety to the gameplay,because besides the ''gun down every person you see who is not an ally'',the gameplay encourages you or forces you to use stealth which involves doing things such as crouching or laying down behind vegetation so the guards can't see you and you can eliminate guards with silenced weapons and you'll need to be accurate/fast with your shooting because the guards are sometimes in groups and they have guard dogs with them and if they alert the other guards they'll ambush you.

Some areas have very little visibility because you'll be in a thick snowstorm.You can use drones to kill enemies when they're far away.Some enemies are positioned up high making it challenging for you to eliminate them when they have the elevated position.There's times you'll need to steer a snowmobile or boat(you can die instantly if you steer the snowmobile off a high ledge)and while you're doing this you'll need to shoot at enemies.There's also helicopter segments where you can lay waste to enemies that are on the ground with the powerful helicopter gun.Some missions require you to defend important data objects from enemies who swarm the building you're in from multiple areas.Many enemies will come at you head on and you'll need to pay attention not just to what's in front of you but also what's behind you because enemies will try to sneak up and attack you from behind too.

The game is very short and can be beaten in 6 hours and I don't like playing shooting games online so this game didn't have a long lifespan for me.I replayed the game on the hardest difficulty which increased the lifespan of the game to over 12 hours but the game cost 79 AUD when I first bought it and was even more expensive at other stores.The special ops can be challenging because they involve doing sections of the campaign's missions under stricter conditions,such as against time limits or against larger numbers of stronger enemies.I must admit I got bored of the special ops quickly because you're just re-doing parts of missions under stricter conditions.

Also,I found the story to be a bit cliche and off putting because it's the typical America and their allies fighting against terrorists kind of story and to get people emotionally attached you'll see the enemy army invading America and attacking American suburbs and landmarks and I guess it will get Americans emotionally involved,but it doesn't work for me.

The game's graphics look clean and smooth but not realistic and are nowhere near as good as other high profile 2009 releases such as Killzone 2 or Uncharted 2.The warzones look kind of cool when you see rockets lite up the night sky and American landmarks being damaged.

I can't remember much about the sound effects,music,VA's.

Overall,for me it was entertaining but it was a short-lived experience and you'll probably need to enjoy online play to get the most out of this game.