This is a game that warrants a double take. When you first hear the concept it seems strange. A dystopian border patrol simulator. While at first the premiss of this game may disinterest many people browsing the large selection of games on steam. Trust me this game deserves your inspection. While its not your typical simulator it does a great job of putting you in the game's world. You are a citizen of a communist country called Arstotzka. Your name was pulled in a lottery for the job of the passport checker in the newly opened border of this imaginary country. The whole game is checking and double checking. The object is to either admit or dismiss as many people correctly in a limited amount of time. While this may seem repetitive at first its addictive. Whenever you start to feel bored of the gameplay they add a new twist or challenge to keep you busy. I have put a few hours and have only found one of the supposed twenty endings of this game. If you just want to play for the gameplay there is an endless mode for you to challenge yourself. For as simple as the story may seem it keeps you intrigued. The choices are everywhere. You are faced obvious options on such things as betraying the government, accepting bribes, or just helping people out. The atmosphere is immersive. After playing for a while you start to feel like a horrible dictator. The dark atmosphere and the things you have no control over provide surprising amounts of emotion. This is one of my favorite indie games of this year and am looking forward to more thing from the developer. I highly recommend buying it now or if you are a cheapskate nabbing it during a steam sale. GLORY TO ARSTOTZKA