Let me first say this: this review is in my opinion, not the opinion of anyone else.

When Halo 4 was first announced, I was rather skeptical of the game. It was 343's first rodeo, and I was already missing Bungie's hand in Halo. However, as more and more information was released, I became more excited for the game, to the point at which I finished legendary 3 days after receiving the game. However, the story element of the game seems lacking as compared to previous Halo games. The Spartan Ops missions all turned out to be similar, either destroy this or don't let them destroy that, and the campaign has a rather bland story for nearly the entire campaign, until the desperate end. For that, I believe the game deserves a replayability level to be more of a medium level.

As for the constantly changing multiplayer, it's gametypes are usually quite fun. However, when I play online, game are often fraught with lag, and I am frazzled by the teleporting enemies, but often this is second hand and doesn't interfere too much. However, because of such persisting problems, as well as the less than Halo worthy story, this game's post annual score from me is a 7.75.