From it's rushed story to it's repetitive multiplayer nature, Call of Duty: Ghosts has run its course on these thumbs and eyes that have adjusted to the PlayStation 4.

The campaign had a decent story with plenty of potential. However, the entire game felt like one large sequel with an "original" that only consisted of one cut scene telling us what happened to the whole world and how the Ghosts came to be. The campaign was brief and too the point which isn't exactly a good thing when trying to tell a good story like the Modern Warfare trilogy did. The characters were not as personable as previous Infinity Ward characters were.


The ending was, I believe a great ending setting up for Ghosts 2 in 2015. However, it lacked rationality, the train was sinking, you shoot Rouke through the chest, and he still manages to come back on the beach and drag you away. And why didn't he kill your brother? /

Multiplayer is just OK. Although customization was a great edition, it didn't make up for the same death animations, same old gameplay, game lag, and general nothing-new-here feel. Cranked is enjoyable, the graphics look really good on PS4 and the guns sound much more believable.

Nonetheless, not the next-generation improvement I would have hoped for. I certainly hope Treyarch does a much better job at their next-generation debut in 2014. I personally am not liking this whole futuristic approach toward this once-decent franchise. Not recommended for fans other than hardcore Call of Duty fans. You know, the people who don't really know how to use a sniper rifle (quickscopers), campers, whiny little children, people who go prone while they are shooting, people who jump around a corner and start shooting, people who start shooting before they even round the corner, and just people who don't really know how to play the game.

 Now that the World War II theme has since faded out back in 2010 I sure do miss it. It would be nice for Treyarch to bring it back to our next-generation consoles.