I celebrated my 25th birthday on Oct 18th, and on that day I received enough cash to invest into expanding my Wii U library. Coincidently enough the game I was looking forward to purchase would be released on the 25th, and that game was Wii Party U. You might ask yourself why a 25-year-old male gamer would choose to buy this game over a game like Assassin’s Creed Black Flag, which would release soon after. Well the honest answer is that I wanted a game I could play with my fiancé. Wii Party U excited us both with it’s quirky charm, and bevy of tabletop and mini-games. The trailer we watched promised over 80 games, which it delivered (We still haven’t played them all after a full weekend with the game). Let’s not forget the game comes packaged with a Wii-MotionPlus controller for just $49.99. Now with that in mind this review will be updated as I play the remainder of the game.

The first thing I want to note is that this game does not require any system update, which is a plus considering the risks involved with updates on the Wii U. Once loaded I was greeted with a bright pink screen with a parade of characters. You are then prompted to press a Start button located on the GamePad to enter the main game. From there, player’s can access three (3) different categories of play (TV Party, House Party, and Gamepad Party) each with their own various game modes. The main screen also includes a section dedicated specifically to the mini-games, a Suggestion button (The game makes suggestions of what to play), and one other that I will cover later. The TV Party category boasts three (3) board-game-like games, the Balldozer, and a game simply titled Team Building. I have yet to play Team Building so I will elaborate on the others now. (Beware of spoilers.)


-Highway Rollers (1-4 Players): This game includes everything we love about board games. It has dice rolls (Standard 6 sided dice); risks, rewards, and features head to head challenges starring the mini-games. The goal is to get your Mii character to the end of a long highway stretch. In order to accomplish this players must face each other in a mini-game each round/turn. This mini-game will determine will determine the number of dice each player gets to roll. Winners are graced with ten (10) while losers must make-do with seven (7). This game also includes three (3) curveball challenges at set checkpoints that must be beat before either player can advance.


-GamePad Island (2-4 Players): If you want an even more traditional board game feel then this is where it is at. The goal here is to get your Mii character across an island filled with environmental hazards that add an element of surprise and frustration (The kind of frustration you get from going to jail in Monopoly.) GamePad Island is interesting in the fact that its dice rolls are unique. Players begin with the standard dice roll, but are then introduced to other games that will dictate their movement on the board. One such game is a cannon shot that players must aim, and whatever number the cannonball lands on will be the player’s move. Other challenges will call for the player to turn the GamePad away from them and rely on sounds, what they see on the TV screen, or pure luck to succeed. My fiancé and I have enjoyed this one greatly so far.


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