I think for 99 cents you really can't beat the Angry Birds series. Sure it's the exact same thing with different character models but hey as a kid I always wanted a slingshot and this is the next best thing. So Angry Birds Star Wars 2 (ABSW2) brings a pretty cool new element to the ABSW collection, you can choose between Jedi and Sith. I guess not really choose but you get to play both paths with characters unique to each faction. It's fairly early on when you get the awesome Yoda Bird. After launching him just tap the screen and he cartwheels around the level flailing his lightsaber destroying almost everything. The only downside is once he hits a wall he reflects in the opposite direction. Still easily my favorite addition to the game. It's great in small doses but I find that after 3-5 levels it's time to play something with a little more substance. If you enjoyed the first ABSW game or any other Angry Birds game then this will be a welcomed addition to your app library.