After the announcement of Kingdom Hearst 3, which had the internet out of control, it was a mater of time before we needed something, a collection of some sort, to get fans caught up in the series. And here comes 1.5 HD collection, a collection very much worth purchasing.

Presentation: 9.5/10  

Both KH 1 and Re look great on  the ps3 with 1080p, and 358 looks absolutely stunning.

Gameplay: 7.75/10

The mechanics of 1 seem to be more fluid, but the card system of RE seems a bit off, still fun though.

Audio: 10/10

Absolutely fantastic, especially 358 

Story: 10/10

The best part of the game, once again 358 dominates this category, made me cry like a little girl in the end

Overall: 9.25/10

Go to wherever you purchase games and buy this immediately!