Every once in a while there comes a game that shows me just what video games are capable of.   The last of us is one of those games.   I can't believe how well this game tells an interactive story.   From the amazingly written plot and characters to the fantastic voice acting.  The wonderfully done camera angles not only in cinematic but also in the gameplay. 

Speaking of gameplay, it's intense, fun, and challenging.   The third person shooter/brawler gameplay is very unique in the fact that you can collect material in the environment  and use it to craft items like smoke bombs or med kits from anywhere even during combat.  The combat is hard and you have to use your creativity because of the slim amount of ammo you get.   So, you rely on the items you craft making exploring the slightly open areas a priority.  Also, every once in a while there are some environmental puzzles but they are pretty easy.

This whole setting is brought out by the jaw dropping visuals that really show what the PS3 is capable of in terms of graphics.  The soundtrack is great and music really invokes emotion.  

In short this is easily one of the best games of this generation.  A must buy for the PlayStation 3.