When a game copies elements from another major game, comparisons are inevitable. From first glance, Playstation All-Stars looks like a shameless Smash Bros rip off - and it is.... kinda. There is no denying that the 2 games look very similar, and on paper, that's not a bad thing, but in practice it just doesn't hold it's own... again, kinda.

The game controls good, the combat is tight, and the visuals are very pleasing - but something just doesn't sit well with me and PSAS. I didn't have any problems with the whole Super Kill System. It's no Smash Bros, but I enjoyed the combat for what it is. I enjoyed the stage mash-ups featuring 2 different Sony games, but it's one of those, "When you see it once, you've seen it a thousand times" instances, and it just grew bland watching the Hydra [God of War] smash into Metropolis [Ratchet and Clank] for the hundred billionth time. A majority of the on-disc and DLC roster are wildly broken. It's as if Superbot Entertainment didn't even play test characters like Kat or Kratos or Issac Clarke before releasing them into the wild - and you can be sure you'll be fighting alot of them when you delve into the multiplayer portion of the game - which seg-ways me neatly to me next topic.

The multiplayer is a broken mess. Anyone who plays the multiplayer regularly knows the annoyances of constant "You have lost connection with the host", Kill-Confirms (e.g. Evil Cole - Giga Punch + Lv 1 Super... ugh), long connect times, waves of unbalanced fighters, spamming, etc. The Single player isn't any better. Sure, you play strictly against AI controlled opponents, but with a weak story, uninspired character rivalries, and plain lazy still-images to tell the paper thin story. But the controls are good and that's what a fighting game is all about right?

One of my last complaints are with the roster Superbot decided to go with. I get that there were licensing restrictions and all, but that doesn't mean out of the 20 launch fighters, we should only get maybe 5 actual "Playstation All-Stars". We got Kratos, Ratchet & Clank, Nathan Drake,Sackboy and a couple other well-known characters, but a majority of the cast featured derived from abandoned IPs (Jak and Daxter, Medievil, and Parappa the Rapper), games with little significance in the Playstation brand (Fat Princess, Gravity Rush, Heavenly Sword, and Starhawk), and games that are straight 3rd party games (Bioshock and Devil May Cry). I do understand that SuperBot did what they could, but there are so many Playstation names and faces from the PS1/PS2 era you could have chosen from.

Overall, Playstation All-Stars: Battle Royale is a playable game, but it's rather unambitios. It's best when playing with your friends on the couch next to you or with them online, but the single-player game modes are uninteresting, random multiplayer matches are broken, the character roster is bland and doesn't make much sense, and the overall game is just unpolished. As of time of reviewing this, the game can be bought for $20 at Gamestop - and with the Cross-Buy/Cross-Play features, it almost makes it worth it. If you really want to throw down in a party brawler with your chums, just pony up the extra $10 and buy Smash Bros Brawl.