Title says it all. Saints Row IV very much does not tell the whole story. You get that vague picture and then in somehow Saints Row Fashion, the story impresses. There are moments that you could not see coming and others most likely have but at the same time never the way you predicted.


Story: Overall to sum up. Saints Row IV story is far better improvement from Saints Row The Third. It isn't a cobbled together mess that is halfway done. I can say it comes at least close second behind Saints Row 2 in story.


Characters: Must better improved and a few secondaries characters have a far bigger role than in Saints Row The Third. With some new faces and that of Keith David playing himself than of Julius from Saints Row 1 and DLC in 2. Really can say. Couldn't hate the cast. Plus could not hate Zinyak.


World: Now being the whole game pretty much takes place in a computer generated world. That pretty much reusing Steelport in a far darker and throughout whole game always night version. Yet with a evil twist of that the Saints have no safe houses and everything they owned is gone. Planet Saints is now called Planet Zin. Long with massive floating towers and a huge mothership floating overhead. Overall it is fine as it is. As that is where the Saints truly made their mark. Though I will agree if they used Stillwater. Just be poetic but beggars cannot be choosers.


Controls: Pretty much same show as before with Saints Row IV. Using same controls from The Third. Yet adding Super Powers would  make you wonder if they need to create a new control just for that. Yet managing to do that in an already crammed controller. Yet they managed it. Nothing at all wrong with the controls. Heck I think controlling the cars and bikes is better compared to The Third's


Gameplay: Now adding Super Powers. Well....throughout the course of the game. Pretty much found it useless to even take a car, bike, or aircraft at all. It was just faster to run everywhere or jump over buildings. Also the fact of having Super Speed and maxing it out. Trying to get into a car quickly is made impossible anyway. That is why. Yet they are solid and fun in the end regardless.


Overall: Saints Row IV is a game that makes up for the short comings of Saints Row The Third. Though people already prejudge this game as being bad. Sure this ain't GTA but SR has always pulled itself from under that shadow and shined on its own. Doing things that GTA would never follow and not giving a darn.


Their last four games. SR has gained and alienated many people. SRIV has made a turn around to clearly showing the whole new start of Saints Row will be taking. That path is clear. Saints Empire is growing beyond the planet and even Time. The Doctor (Doctor Who for those who are so outside the know) is going to have a fit now with this. Saints Row IV is a must play. The game is serious when it needs to be. Yet lighthearted enough to just be pure enjoyment. As the Saints never lost their edge at all.