Let me get this straight right now. DO NOT LISTEN TO THOSE PEOPLE WHO KEEP SAYING THAT "THIS ISN'T A SPLANTER CIEL GAIM THERZ NO STELTH" BECAUSE THEY ARE WRONG. I just finished the first mission of this game and it is really really enjoyable. The maps are fairly big to go around and explore through.

What I did notice is that there is technically a "Sound meter" like something Chaos Theory. I wouldn't say its there but I'd call it a Noise system when walking close to hostiles. I'm not sure if it is used in other difficulties since i played on Perfectionist because why not.

Things like the Light Meter is also technically there. You can still somewhat been seen even if you're in a shadow. The way it works in this game instead of the whole screen going black and white the game shows lens flares (yes I know, JJ Abrams yada yada). Sometimes your screen will sort of have lens flares and sometimes it will be sort of covered. Please note that they do not cover your screen up it's usually on the sides of the screen.

While this game is enjoyable. I cannot give that much of an opinion just yet as I have only finished the first level. What I did notice is that the missions DO take as long as they used to in something like Chaos Theory where it actually took a while to finish. My first mission did take me 1 hour to develop plans and to move around effectively.

Everything about this game is doing good so far and I've only covered the Single Player Campaign, now onto something that I had a pretty horrifying time playing which was, Spies Vs. Mercs.

All I can say about this game is that it scared the crap out of me. I'm going around the dark minding my own business and hoping that the mercs don't see me. When all of a sudden I hear gunshots, and I die. This game mode is pretty tense. I did lose the first round mainly because i haven't played Spies vs Mercs before. I did get a chance to play as a Merc, It is paranoia to the max. Every thing is dark, you cant see anything that much without your flash light. Setting a proxy mine on the terminals so the spies cant hack it then all of a sudden explosions. It is pure chaos. I did manage to hack a terminal before my game just gave up and stopped responding when i Alt-Tabbed.

This game has been really fun so far, I haven't checked out the other modes which include the Co-Op Modes and the other Spies Vs Merc Modes MAINLY because you have to level up for those. I am really loving the direction that Ubisoft made and it's been a really beautiful game so far. That is it.