Sleeping Dogs, simply put, is a blast. While the visuals won't consistently awe you with pristine graphics,  every time I put it in my console I'm blown away by the absolutely brilliant mission design, fun script, entertaining side-missions, solid upgrading system and great core mechanics. 

In the trailers a car chase technique is show where Wei leans out his car window and blows out the tires of the car behind him, running it off the road and out of commission. It looked difficult at best, and shooting out tires is never easy even in forgiving titles like Saints Row the Third. But the process in Sleeping Dogs is expedited by a slow-down in time (like dead-eye from Red Dead Redemption) when your aim passes over a tire. This makes the sequence feasible, satisfying and cinematic at the same time.

The game is full of neat tweaks like this. Combining cool driving mechanics, a great hand-to-hand combat system (which features a variety of brutal, circumstantial finishers and an Arkham-like counter move), great story and a fantastically designed set of satisfying missions, this game is underrated and a must-buy for any fans of sandbox shooters, though calling it a "shooter" game almost undermines the dynamic diversity that makes this game great.