Bioshock 2 definitely has things going against it. Not being developed by Irrational Games, it also has an incredibly large pair of shoes to fill. Bioshock was one of the greatest games of all time, not just 2007. I am happy to say the sequel succeeds..mostly. Most of the changes to the game mainly deal with how it plays. The gameplay is absurdly fun, better than the first one as one could now duel wield both plasmid and weapon in hand. Now you play as a Big Daddy though it is disappointing that you don't feel like one till late in the game. The combat is well paced and exciting, and the lore is deepened. What is most obvious about this game is Rapture. If you played the original, it doesn't feel as mysterious as it once was. Much of the joy from the first game came from the sense of discovery, which is absent in the second game. However, with this disadvantage, Bioshock 2 sets its eyes on tighter, more focused storytelling. With a clear goal in the beginning of the game, your  actions have greater weight upon them. The characters this time around, aren't as memorable. While Sofia Lamb is daunting, she's no Andrew Ryan. The ending for the game is a 60/40 for me. It feels heartfelt, but it almost had a dash of sappy in it, because I didn't connect with Eleanor as much as I wanted to. Bioshock 2 comes with a multiplayer as well, and it serves well for passing the time, if unremarkable. Standard modes exist but with a Rapture vibe. I had fun playing it, but it won't be remembered at all. In the end, Bioshock 2 was the sequel I had hoped for, but some issues can't be simply forgotten. It's worthy, but not amazing.