When I first tried this game out for the first time, I was intrigued of how it begun. To start it off, I was in a dream, I think, where there was this weird guy in the distance just standing there, waiting for me to approach him. As I did, he mentioned something about changing the world through the use of power and war, which somewhat sounded corrupted and unjust, meaning he had evil intentions. After I heard his word, I was taken somewhere else, still in a dream, where there was a guy standing in the distance, waiting for me to approach him apparently. As I did, it surprised me of how it was a different guy this time, only the difference was of how his views of changing the world sounded just and right, meaning he had intentions that were just and pure of heart. After I heard their views, I wake up, finding myself at a lake. I guess I should cut to the chase now, I'm not writing a story of the game itself, only writing my word about it. I liked how the game is about making choices in it that would play a role later on in the game, or in the current moment, that could have a good or bad outcome. It's what makes this game a challenge, and to me, rare of how the decision making is played out. I have to say, the graphics look okay, I see nothing wrong with how the rest of game looks, except how they made the demon enemies look. They look animated and cartoon like, not blending in with the look of the game. It just throws it off, like how that goofy gumball show on cartoon network has cartoon characters, while the rest of the scenery looks actually realistic, not really blending with the cartoonish characters, making the rest of the show itself look really weird and off, like not visually coordinated at all. If I were to wear green shoes, then I wouldn't make myself look off and uncoordinated, because I know that  matching would be better than not matching at all, meaning I wanna make myself on spot and coordinated, which is a great choice to go with. Point being is that this game should've been made to have its visuals and graphics look on spot and coordinated, but then again, the way they make the demons look alright with me. The game has nice graphics and visuals overall, but they just look slightly uncoordinated and stale.  At least in this game, they made the demons look very detailed and nice, doing better than that gumball show I just talked about. There's actually a limit with how much uncoordinated you make things, but this game doesn't go over the limit with it. Only a little, but not to the point where I get skeptical and say to myself, "What the heck??" It does good for me.  The only thing I don't like is how when you engage in battle with an enemy, you don't get to see yourself beating the crap out of it, only the attacks you unleash upon it or them, which actually what I saw did pretty well for me. It's pretty cool of how when the attacks are performed, they make them look pretty graphic and detailed, which I found intriguing, leaving me satisfied and entertained after the battle was over. Maybe the reason why I said of how I didn't like of not being able to see your avatar beat the crap out of your opponent is because maybe I've never seen anything like that before, but still the battles I've seen are interesting and amazing. If I wasn't gonna be able to see myself and my demons beating our enemies, then seeing them unleashing their attacks upon them is still good enough for me, especially how they pull it off and how they look when being executed. So far I didn't beat the game, and I find myself not playing it that often, because of its difficulty and confusion of where to go next. I do have the strategy guide, but sometimes it doesn't do much of help for me, leaving me confused. Also, the game play is pretty okay with me, the only part that sucks is how you have to time your preemptive strikes carefully before facing off an enemy demon. It could be tricky, but not if you work on it. This game does well with the story line and the cast of characters, but it wouldn't hurt to make the graphics and visuals look at least slightly better on spot and coordinated with each other than it is. I'd give this game a B- rating, still not head to head with the A+ rating I gave to fire emblem awakening. It's okay, yet a huge, lost forest I find myself stuck in. But the feelings i get when vanquishing my enemy demons fill me with joy and pride, especially when i find out of how to kill them by finding their weaknesses, which give me an edge and upper hand in battle. That's the cool part in the game when you're fighting with other demons; finding out what makes them tick and using it against them. That's the entertaining part I enjoy in the game. If you want a challenge and try something new, then this game could be for you.