The Last of Us is my game of the year (so far) it is something that everyone should experience to understand. I didn't think a game could come close in story telling then what i was presented in Bioshock Infinite, but a couple months later The Last of Us hits shelves and i am blown away. 

The games narrative is absolutely amazing, i know it sounds cliche but it really did have me on the edge of my seat! the voice acting is outstanding and believable, its so good in fact sometimes i thought i was watching a movie instead of playing a game, no lie. 

Now this is a GAME after all so the main question is, "does it play good" simply put, yes! The games mechanics are easy and quick to pick up. Has your typical third-person "Aim & Shoot" system, but gun fights isn't really a MUST know situation because the game supplies you with just enough ammo to maybe take out 2-3 guys (that is if you make every single shot count) so ammo is limited which makes the game even more intense. Which leads you into melee combat and silent takedowns, the latter is highly recommended when you can because certain enemies, mostly the infected Clickers, must be taken down silently. You can always tape some scissors to a baseball bat and take a good whack at their head, but that bat wont last long so play the game smart.

The game takes its M rating seriously, this game is brutal and i mean in your face brutal. If you have played other Naughty Dog games you will see how far they have come along in making games, slowly building up their maturity level (Jak & Daxter, Uncharted, The Last of Us). This game does not care about the rules of the world, it is a "survive or die" situation and EVERYONE in the game is your enemy unless otherwise. Just because this game doesn't have "BOO!" moments or extremely gruesome monsters (well some, but not on a Silent Hill level) does not mean it isnt survival horror. This game IS survival horror, and it shows that it absolutely possible to give the genre and great deal of credit.

The multiplayer of the game is probably what scared everyone, "great, a tacked on feature NOBODY asked for!" well put your fear away, the multiplayer is one of my favorite multiplayer games and is actually a fantastic addition to already a great single player experience. The set up is simple, 4 Vs 4 first team to die loses. Sounds to easy and boring huh? Wrong. Not only are you limited with ammo, again trying to make each bullet hit, but players can make cocktails, bombs, smoke bombs, on the go by stopping at a toolbox for supplies. So if you're in a firefight with another player, they could stop pull out their backpack, make a bomb and toss it your way in an instant, cause you to panic and run leaving you vulnerable in the open. It is such a great concept, and if you play this game dont turn it down, give it a try!

Well I HIGHLY recommend this game for sure, it is something everyone should get a chance to experience

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-Fantastic narrative

-Graphics are well polished



-A true survival feeling


-getting executed in multiplayer 

-one bite kill from Clickers