Magic 2014 is like the other games in the series except for the first time you can build your own decks. I was extremely excited for this feature but once I finished the sealed deck campaign all I had to say was "that's it?" You get about as many cards as there are in just one of the premade decks and the cards are totally random so the chances of you being able to make a good or interesting deck are slim to none. The best deck I could make was essentially just an assortment of cards that are good by themselves. There was no synergy and only a few decent 2 card combos. I would have given this game a 9 if the amount of booster packs you could unlock were unlimited. I would have given it a 10 if they would have let me create a deck from all of the cards from all of the premade decks. Other than that the game is good, like the rest in the series. I feel like some of the decks aren't as good as in previous games. I never felt like there was that much I would change about the decks in Magic 2013, and there were some ridiculously strong and fun combos like Panoptic Mirror + Time Warp which basically makes it your turn forever. I haven't seen many combos like that in Magic 2014 and there are a few decks that I feel would be massively better if they had a few equipment or enchantment cards.