Back when I got my PSVita, the first game I wanted to play was Uncharted Golden Abyss. After that, I didn't know what else I could get for my Vita. So, I looked around, and found rayman. I remember playing the rabbids game with him in it, and seeing he is in this, I thought this would be a fun game to try out. Yes, it's a fun game to definitely try out.

 Graphics I though were great. From the animation of the characters, to the beautiful backgrounds, this game has great detail, and looks great. The music and sounds is fun in a corky annoying way. I remember I had to mute the game because some of sounds in the game were just so annoying. The controls are thought were perfect for the game. They went smoothly, and I really had no complaints about the controls.

 The story I thought was ok. Nothing amazing really. Its mainly save the princess (or fairies. Whatever those things are.), collect some stuff(this is mostly side stuff, but for you to progess in some areas, you need a certain amount of collectibles.) and finally beat the bad guy. What is lacks in that, it packs on to the crazy amount of fun gameplay. The story it self is 10-16 hours. Maybe even more, and you still have a ton of stuff to do. The gameplay can be a little frustraiting, but overall it's a blast. The gameplay can be kind of childish sometimes, but it can be quite funny sometimes. It does suck that there's no multiplayer. It would make the experience twice as fun, but there is no multiplayer. It still a really fun game.

 Overall, if you have a PSVita, you should get this game. Sometimes it can be frustrating(mainly by the game being challenging), but it's mostly a fun little game that everyone can enjoy. That's why I give Rayman Origins a

8.5 out of 10