The Walking Dead: 400 Days is a truly phenomenal experience. It may be missing Clementine and Lee, but even in the short amount of time you have to play it, you will come to care about the new characters. If you are already hyped up for Season 2, then definitely play this! It will somewhat cure your desire for more TWD. Now don't expect extremely long scenarios with the five new characters, they range from about 10-15 minutes. But overall, it's about an hour and ten minutes of gameplay and pure story. There are a few throwbacks to the first season, but one in particular feels very forced. It's cool if you want a sense of location, but other than that, it just feels a bit goofy. A few new gameplay mechanics are introduced and some are still a bit clunky, but it's overall a good feel. The dialogue and decisions you must make are very hard-hitting and can even pull a few heartstrings. Finally, the epilogue is a major cliffhanger and will leave you desiring Season 2 even more than you already were.