I had been waiting a long time for this game,close to 5 years. It's had a name change and has a new look but all the same it was one title I was not going to miss out on,so when the time came I pre ordered it and yesterday I picked it up and got right in to it..

I have to say that yes it's dumb and yes it's not the best and yes it has been released after The Last Of Us but every game is not that and never will be. So anyway I sat down to get in to it and I found I had,to me anyway I find it fun,funny and I carnt wait to play it later when I've been out for the day. The story is your typical revenge story and the action is a bit repetitive but if you don't look at it more than a bit of fun or guilty pleasure then you will enjoy it.

As for saying it is a new contender for worst game come on there's tons out there a lot lot worse,Duke Nukem,legendary,turning point just to name 3 but I could go on to name so many more.

So just take it as a bit of fun to switch of and enjoy and you will enjoy it.