We all remember when Crysis came out for the PC in 2007. The game redefined graphics at the time, and was/is one of the greatest looking games. As a fan of the series though, I had never played the original one on PC. When I heard it was coming to console, I knew what I was going  to do. While the console version might not be a impressive as the PC version, it's still alot of fun.

 The graphics in the game are great. I will say, even if they are good, it's still disappointing that it didn't look better. That's one thing crytek kept on doing right. I though that both the score and acting in the game were pretty good. I really liked the characters throughout the story. The story is pretty good. Crysis isn't known for amazing stories, but overall it was pretty good. Story though can be from 6-15 hours. I say it with such big room because you choose how you play your game. Either stealth or guns-blazing. Stealth will take up time, but if you hate that, just remember, you are in a powerful nanosuit that can do alot of stuff.

 As I said earlier, you choose the way you play. You can even custimize your own gun, decide how you play the game itself. It's really a game that give you a gun and a suit, ok story with pretty good(but compared to original dissappointing) graphics and say enjoy.

 Overall, I really had a fun time with the game. It might be my least favorite of the series, but it's a pretty fun game like the other crysis game. It really comes down to if you want a game that gives you freedom, and if you want to see how the crysis series began, then the game is perfect for you. That's why I would give Crysis a

8.75 out of 10