After hearing so many people at uni discussing a difficult game called Dark Souls. It was a dark and stormy day when my friend sent me a message over Xbox Live demanding I play this game which disciplines the player for every mistake. After battling through the rain to my local store and found that they had no copies, I went on a mission around Brisbane to get this game my friend demanded I play. After three hours of rain, public transport and a dog that wanted to feast on my face I finally made it back to my den.

Finally after warming up, I opened the case I put so much effort into getting and put the disc into my console. Starting a new game I was presented with the character creation screen. After having some fun making my character ‘Elvie’ and many hours on deciding a class, which I then learned isn’t that important later in the game as you can spend your points on whatever attributes your heart desires. I chose Pyromancer because who the hell doesn’t like fire magic?

Starting the game my character is given a corpse with a key to exit his cell and I venture forth into what I assume is the tutorial area. Here I find a few notes scribbled telling me the basic controls but the game really leaves most of it up to the player to work out. After going through some large doors I found how the game is, in fact, disciplines the player. A massive demon thing drops down and a whack it with my broken sword doing so much damage the bar doesn’t even go down on my screen after two hits I die. The next time I search the room to find a better way to defeat this behemoth of a monster (which is not that big compared to some other things in the game) and find a open door which I run through and find a bonfire. These bonfires are your checkpoints throughout the game allowing you to restore your health and save. The downside to a bonfire? All monsters apart from bosses respawn. This can make some areas ‘interesting’.

And this is what Dark Souls is all about, learning from your deaths to find better ways to accomplish the area or defeat the enemy (a long bow always helps).  If you are connected online you can see notes left by other players and summon players into the game which is always a great help. Unless of course there is a sign next to a ledge saying jump... don’t do that. Also note that being online also allows other players to invade your game world, this can be extremely frustrating after dying to a boss multiple times then get cleaned up by another player just before the boss area.

Dark Souls is not over the top hard as I have read in a few places, it is difficult but the reward is so great after finally killing that black knight or any enemy. Like many games each enemy has their tell for each move and once you have worked to best counter to each attack whether it is roll away or parry you will find that this game is a good experience which stands on its own little pedestal amongst the games that are out these days.