In are modern day, videogames are compared to as Art. Some people might agree. Some might disagree. Games like Journey helps prove that point. It was the winner of my 3rd games I play next, and after playing it, it was truely a work of art.

 The game, as you can see, looks great. The enviroments all around you just look so good, and the robbed figure is also well created. The score of the game is very well made. Congrats on their emmy nomination. They deserved it. I would credit the voice-acting department, but I can't. The characters are all silent. Not one word is said, but that what makes Journey so complex. Not saying one word, but as you play through, the story comes to life.

 As I said, the story is kind of complex, so if you don't like that, then you might want to stay away. The story itself is about 2-3 hours. As you progress from each level, you come across other PSN players who are playing. You can temporarily travel together. You might wonder what makes each individual unique in the game, and that's where the scarf. The more you progress, the more it grow, and the different symbols being added. Also, when your scarf is charged, you can also fly in the air. It's pretty cool.

 Overall, Journey is a piece of art. It might not be action pack, and it doesn't have good dialogue, but this game is worth a try. Who knew that this Indie game would be this fun. It is a enjoyable game That I would recommend. That's why I give Journey a

9 out of 10