I've been keeping an eye on this title since it first popped up as a Game Informer preview. And although the sudden announcement of a release date set only days prior to availability gave me a sinking suspicion, State of Decay thankfully turned out to be exactly what I had hoped with only marginal flaws. Yes the frame rates aren't the best, the pop up apparent, and the voice work laughable and rote, the level of immersion and suspense is top notch. Very few titles these days allow for that glorious turn on a dime sense of desperation and triumph. Preparing to say goodbye to a character I had spent hours with, building and scavenging, only to somehow narrowly escape by the skin of my teeth to fight another day, with ruck sack intact, is immensely satisfying. After the let down of many recent full price titles (Hitman I'm glowering at you) this gem shines true.