I had heard of Borderlands and how great of a game it was. I had always wanted to try it, but I never really got around to it. Now that Borderlands 2 has been released, I got to try out the game all for myself. I came back less than impressed.

Starting out, you can immediately realize that the old post-apocalyptic visuals from the original Borderlands game is missing. Instead, it's replaced by lush plantlife and snow. While the change of visuals is definitely a good thing, it might not be the same thing for this series. Borderlands literally built itself around the fact that you were "surviving" in a wasteland. This entire feeling is gone in Borderlands 2, and then you just feel empty. Instead of fighting wild monsters and bandits, you're fighting robots and Hyperion Soldiers. This change is not welcome.

Another noticeable change is the large number of weapons. While the original Borderlands included a unique weapon-generator system that could make insane weapon modifiers, Borderlands 2 amps it up to the point where there is a near infinite amount of weapons and modifiers to work with. While most of the weapons look the same, they handle much differently than their doppelganger. This is actually a high-point of Borderlands 2, seeing as the gun-play is unbelievably unique and can create some interesting encounters.

Borderlands 2's enemies are not very inspired, but some of the wildlife is very interesting. There is also an impressive AI system that makes enemies communicate with eachother and coordinate attacks, much like real human players can do. This makes every encounter in Borderlands 2 so entertaining.

The boss battles in Borderlands 2 are varied and quite unfair. While this may just be the problem of me not level-grinding earlier in the game (which isn't encouraged, but required), this shouldn't be apart of the basics in playing this game. i should run into a boss battle and have an equal match, not get teared apart before I'm able to land a single shot. If you do get "killed" in a fight, you'll simply drop to the ground and be forced to kill an enemy before  you can get back up. It's better to play with another person that can revive you so you don't have to crawl on the ground for 5 minutes to kill an enemy.

Multiple characters make their debut in this game, including our 4 main heroes (6 as of this writing) instead of the regular 4 that made their appearance in the first Borderlands. They are demoted down to cameo appearances, and trust me, you're not going to like the way they're integrated in the story. Gearbox trashes these characters and more, and that's just the gist of it. They also seem to have lost the ability to fight on their own, as they send you on fetch quests and simple assassination missions that they could have easily done themselves.

Aside from those points, Borderlands 2 is actually an okay game. However, many things drag it down to the point where I couldn't bear to play for more than 5 minutes. If you do want to play Borderlands 2, however, you should definitely play it with friends. It makes it a lot less frustrating, which shouldn't really be a problem in the first place.