This game is awesome. No way to get around it. It's innovative, it's new, it has great graphics,not to mention visually appealing(and interactive) backgrounds. And best of all, it's not just MK VS. DC Universe with just DC characters. It's a whole new thing. 


Quality: Like I mentioned, this game has stunning backgrounds from Superman's Fortress Of Solitude to even a broken down, post-nuked Metropolis. As for the sound and effects, it's clear and crisp, and actually sounds like you're laying a smackdown on another superhuman.

Gameplay: This game has quite the array of characters. It has a medium sized roster, which all of the characters differ greatly, each with their own set of moves and a super move, and special abilites. These aren't THAT significant, but do mix up the brawling a bit. Some characters might merely have a temporary power-up that increases their attack damage, whilst some, like Green Arrow for Instance, have a choice of different weapons or gadgets. 

Replay Value: Medium High

Injustice: Gods Among is a well thought out, unique superhero experience. There's tons of fun and clashing to be done here. And while you might not have someone to play this game with, this game offers a small choice of battles at first, but by visiting the Archives, you could have the time of your life fighting different opponents with a twist, so needless to say, the game is fun just one player. Although it says 9/10, this game, in my opinion, deserves a hefty 9.5.