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FUSE : A game for friends

I really enjoyed Fuse. Me and my friend played through its campaign and enjoyed its story. Its story is a little generic but it definitely had its laughs thanks mostly to its protagonist Dalton who reminds me of Snow from Lockout (2012 Film).  The game has you starting off like any regular third person shooter, but the first thing you'll notice is a lot of polish in the animations and the shooting feels great. There isn't a great variety of weapons but thats because of your xenotech. They'll have varied effects and often feel over powered against enemies but its really just a lot of fun. By the end of the game I was using Izzy and her Shattergun with its own personal Med Beacon which turns you into a Tank.

Although the game starts to get tiring by end game, its mostly due to the fact that I had 2 AI Partner, so me and my friend felt quite alone against the bosses. Nice thing though, when you're playing, say as Dalton, the things the AI do still collect XP for you. As far as I can tell, it could be XP trinkles down to all your characters no matter what

The Graphics are decent. I thought they weren't as pretty as other games, but it could be due to the art style they went with. I thought the resources they put into smooth animations, and almost no pop ins or glitches that I could tell gave it more than enough justification for graphics that weren't pushing the system. There was one glitch my friend experienced where his  camera got locked in place, possibly from one of the Look Prompts you'll get from the campaign. Besides that though, I never got stuck in place or experienced some crazy glitch.

At the end, if I were to play this game by my self? 6/10. It'd be a cheesy story with an unenjoyable horde mode because the AI are dumb.

If I were to play with friends, an Easy 8/10. The Horde mode is fun and a little different. They give you objectives each wave, from defending a Fuse HotZone, which while you're in its vicinity, you'll have unlimited fuse weapons & abilities to HVT where you'll have to eliminate a tough enemy while its being constantly reinforced by baddies.

Anyway, if you get the game, grab a buddy or two and have a blast. 


Xbox 360 Version
Final Score : 7/10
Graphics : 7/10
Sounds : 8/10 (High because Dalton made me laugh)
Animations : 9/10 (Smooth as butter)
AI : 3/10  (Brain Dead, especially in Echelon)
Gameplay : 8/10  Loads of fun with friends 

  • For what feels like a rather slap-dash review, not badly done... I'd advise having a bit more of a breakdown of the gameplay, playable characters, game modes, and some pictures if you're trying to do this as more than just a spur of the moment thought though.
  • I have yet to open the wrapper on this game.. After getting burned by Aliens Colonial Marines and then The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (my fault), I'm super sketchy about buying games. I may just return it and play at a later date when the price drops.... A LOT. I don't play with any friends online and really don't like co-op so I do not think this game is for me by any means.