I just got done with this 5 hour game after picking it up from a midnight release. This is one of the most generic, forgettable third person shooters of this generation. Not a single ounce of creativity or fun comes from this game. The story is laughably forgettable, with characters whose names you won't remember as soon as the credits roll. The enemies are nothing by wave after wave of generic foot soldiers that will become tedious. Combine that with a lack of any variety outside the specialized guns that each character posses, and you have the formula for a game that is just feels as if it drags as a snails pace. You will be begging for this rancid pile of fecal matter to end.

It is a damn shame that this is the best Insomniac could come up with for their first multiplatform launch. Nothing about this game is worth remembering. Perhaps a couple buddies and some beer can make the coop enjoyable. Personally, in the two levels I played coop in, nothing special really comes of it. You're still fighting the same enemies, dealing with the same generic goals, and playing through the same forgettable story... except more coordinated.


Avoid this absolute disgrace to a once fine developer. A 7.75 is laughably high for this piece of garbage.