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Fuse - Complete Disaster

I just got done with this 5 hour game after picking it up from a midnight release. This is one of the most generic, forgettable third person shooters of this generation. Not a single ounce of creativity or fun comes from this game. The story is laughably forgettable, with characters whose names you won't remember as soon as the credits roll. The enemies are nothing by wave after wave of generic foot soldiers that will become tedious. Combine that with a lack of any variety outside the specialized guns that each character posses, and you have the formula for a game that is just feels as if it drags as a snails pace. You will be begging for this rancid pile of fecal matter to end.

It is a damn shame that this is the best Insomniac could come up with for their first multiplatform launch. Nothing about this game is worth remembering. Perhaps a couple buddies and some beer can make the coop enjoyable. Personally, in the two levels I played coop in, nothing special really comes of it. You're still fighting the same enemies, dealing with the same generic goals, and playing through the same forgettable story... except more coordinated.


Avoid this absolute disgrace to a once fine developer. A 7.75 is laughably high for this piece of garbage.

  • Can't believe it was this bad, a lot of people said they enjoyed the demo?
  • I've found there is a fine line between a solid review and simply being a cynical jackass. This here's the latter.
  • There was no midnight release for this game anywhere by any store. You're lying.
  • Well i loved it,I just think people are expecting too much when it comes to shooters and yet people still like Call of Duty and Battlefield doesnt make sense to me
  • I've only played the demo, but it sounds like I experienced all it had to offer.

    I thought it would have been more fun in Single Player if you had to rotate between the four guns on a single character of your choice. Since each character has a different gimmick (and even the "medic" has some cool damage tweaks with positional play) it might have notched the entertainment up.

    Beyond the waves of generic enemies, I hated the bullet sponge droids. Lazy design, and you seemed to get the cool weapons from their remains too late after the fact.

    I'm sorry you're out $60 for this, but I appreciate your honesty, as I had enough fun with the demo to consider purchasing this to tide me over until Last of Us. I'll hold out for Remember Me.

  • Your review is exactly how I felt about Bulletstorm. I'm sorry you wasted your time and money. After watching the first trailer for this I immediately was ready to pass on this game. It was just a gut feeling but my gut is usually right.
  • Your thoughts are a little unorganized, but I suppose this is more of a rant than a review (which is not necessarily a bad thing) so that's to be expected. I would suggest taking out that last line. Insulting GI's score, beyond simply being rude and childish, undermines your entire piece because it makes you sound like you think your opinion is the only one that's valid. Also, calling Insomniac a "once fine developer" after a single bad game is somewhat overly presumptuousness. While this could be the point in history we look back on as the start of Insomniac's collapse, this one game does not instantly undo all the great games they've already created and all the potential they have to create more great games.

  • Ever since I saw their switch, I knew this was gonna be a massive fail. I just don't get what makes them think that in an industry saturated with run of the mill shooters, they have a chance of making a hit by copy pasting the same formula.
  • Shame. I had high hopes for "Overstrike", but "Fuse" seems destined to be a flop. The characters looked fun and memorable at the start, but they toned them down for some reason. Just hope Insomniac can recover.
  • I've been reading a lot of mixed reviews on this game.  I'll probably check out the livestream to see more of the game in action.

  • This review gets the Completely Terrible seal of disapproval. It's also pretty ironic, because I remember that you were crying pretty loudly that "a 5 is only for broken games" after that first Resident Evil 6 review. Avoid this absolute disgrace to review-writing. A three stars out of five is laughably high for this piece of garbage.
  • *Sigh* I expected this. The demo seemed like ME3's multiplayer with Gears' guns