I really loved Sacred and Sacred 2: Fallen Angels, so I’m not sure why I first passed on Citadel. But I finally picked up a digital copy of the game on Steam the other day and I am loving every minute of this campy arcade hack n’slash.

The story is very Saturday morning cartoonish. The Seraphim have laid down their weapons and have taken up a peaceful life of piety living in the Citadel. Ashen Empire has used an Orc-like race called the Grimmoc to wipe out the Seraphim, so It up to you and your friends (if you play three player co-op) to save the land of Ancaria. Sacred Citadel is a prequel to the upcoming Sacred 3. The event in Citadel will build up to the story of Sacred 3.

You pick from one of four classes – Safiri warrior, Ancarian ranger, Khukuri shaman and the Seraphim mage. Sadly The Temple Guardian from Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is not one of the classes in Citadel, but I will live.

Mounts also make a return which mixes up combat a bit. Enemies use them in battle and you can knock them off to steal the mounts à la Golden Axe.

Loot drops range from potion, gold, armor and weapons.  You can only carry three of each potion – Health, Rage and Power. You also have a limit backpack and can only carry one armor set and three weapons – main, secondary and power. If you want to swap out you weapons to something you found earlier in the game just visit the blacksmith in town.

There is currently one piece of DLC available called Jungle Hunt it adds some more levels and story. Hopefully Deep Sliver has plans for more DLC. The map look like it can hold an act six, seven and eight.  

The visuals and audio are both well done. I would highly recommend this to fans of 2D hack n’ slash games and fans of the Sacred franchise.