I don't care that Dead Space 3 is less scary than the other Dead Space games. I do not judge a game on whether it's scary or not, even in the horror genre. I judge a game on whether or not it is fun to play or not. Luckily for Dead Space 3, it is very fun to play and is definitely the end of the Dead Space franchise.

The story is pretty good. It isn't The Walking Dead good, but it works for the game, which is all I can ask for. It comes to a great conclusion, though it did anger me a little, how it ended. But I let it go because that is the direction Visceral wanted to take Dead Space, and I respect them for doing what they wanted and not bowing down to fans ONLY. They could have had more just flat out frightening moments like the original Dead Space or even Dead Space 2, but it didn't bother me too much. The co-op play is very fun and is a natural fit, in my opinion, though they should have thrown at least 4X the number of necromorphs at the two players every time they had to fight. That would have made it REALLY scary, with at least 40 necromorphs surrounding Isaac and Carver as they run low on ammo and have no way to escape. The new system to create guns is amazing, and it's very fun to experiment with the different kinds of guns you can make, from machine plasma cutters to flaming saw blade shooters. The graphics are just amazing on this game, with limbs coming off of the necromorph's bodies disgustinly and is a sickening treat to watch. The character models are great, even though I don't understand why the remodeled Ellie AND gave her her eye back after losing it in Dead Space 2. The controls are good, as I think they always have been in Dead Space, one of the only horror games that I think can claim that achievement.

This is truly the first great game of 2013, and maybe the best horror game of 2013. This game is definitely worth buying, so if you have been debating on the next game you should buy and just play on, pick Dead Space 3. You will not be disappointed.