So how would you like to play this game? Are you a fan of first-person shooters? No problem- this isn't Call of Duty, but it beats the hell out of FF7DoC. Want a tense, stealth-based experience? This isn't Metal Gear Solid, but you'll get your fill of air-vent crawling, silencer-pistol fun. Third-person-cover-shooter more your bag? Gears of War is a great franchise, but Deus Ex has the formula down right. Conversation-tree facial-expression-reading situationally-appropriate-response-choosing... uh... okay, I'm hoping that you understand what I'm getting at. You're given obstacles, and there are ALWAYS *MANY* ways around each. Some more obvious than others, but all rewarding in their own way. Sometimes it just feels GOOD to punch an NPC squarely in the grill, even when they did NOTHING to annoy you. You have that option. And sometimes you just want to sneak up behind a patrolling plasma-rifle-wielding soldier and unload a quiet headshot before his friends know that you're in the room. You can do that, too. Talking your way out of (and sometimes into) situations has it's appeal, and you'll have plenty of opportunities for that, as well.

Set in a futuristic, slightly dystopian (yet highly plausible) world, the atmosphere of this game will draw you in at every turn. Even down to the smallest details: NPC's are often smoking in small cliques, huddled together for fear of the changing world and uncertainty of what will come next. The tension at each turn is a palpable aspect of the game, and the plight of the downtrodden can almost be tasted while you explore sewers and barricaded tenement houses.

The story is wonderful, and I won't ruin it by saying anything about it here. Just play the game, and enjoy it. While you're at it: DO THE SIDEQUESTS. Most games give out sidequests only for the purpose of pumping extra experience points into your character, but in Deus Ex the sidequests can genuinely contribute to your understanding of what's going on in this dark, oppressive world. There's no "Go collect ten robot circuit board" quests, nor are there any "Princess in another castle" moments. Every side quest is important, and if you skip all of them you'll have a much more superficial understanding of what's going on in the later parts of the game.

This is a game that you'll want to take your time with. Get to know it. Feel it out. But by all means, give it a chance. I hate to sound cliche, but there truly is something for everyone here (even if it's only the 'Final Fantasy XXV poster in the background...). Multiple playthroughs will ensue, I assure you that.