I love these games almost as much as life itself. I will review these by episode to let you know how I feel about every episode.

  1. (A New Day): The series starts off strong, with one of the better intros I've seen in games. It really sets the basis for the rest of the series and also introduces you to some of the characters that will accompany you on your emotional journey. Lee Everett almost immediately introduces himself as a complicated and interesting character. And Clementine is the strongest character there has ever been. She can make you feel any kind of emotion, and do it pretty effectively. The graphics aren't the best, but they definitely make me feel like I'm in the comic book world. The choices are heavy on the heart and you will most likely question yourself on some of the decisions that you've made
  2. (Starved For Help): Based six months after the first episode, the group, who has picked up a new member, is running low on food and has to find more. The story is on par with the first one, the game provides some real sites, many better than the first, not because of graphics, but because of the settings. The choices are again difficult to make, though some don't seem to matter as much in the end, it is still nice to have a choice on how it ends. The story to the second episode will most likely creep you out a little near the end, which seems like its intentions.
  3. (Long Road Ahead): The third episode takes place right after the second episode. One group member wants to leave, while the group leader wants to stay where they are at. The story comes to dramatic points at least 4 times in the whole episode, and it sits especially unwell with me, with the outcome as horrible as it was. It will definitely pull at your heartstrings and make you wonder how the world of The Walking Dead could get any worse. The choices are the most difficult in this episode, with some choices meaning life or death for some characters. This episode is a personal favorite of mine, even though it's only the second best episode.
  4. (Around Every Corner): The group arrives in Savannah, hoping to get a boat and ride along the coast to find safety. What they find is another city overrun with zombies. The story is less spectacular, but still good, in this episode. The choices are difficult, with a character's life being directly linked to the choice you could make. The game throws in a shooting mechanic for a little bit, which adds variety. This episode does introduce some characters that could have been more, but became pretty useless. It was still a blast to play through.
  5. (No Time Left): In the finale, Lee has to save Clementine from a mysterious danger, and he is running out of time to do it, and the group will never be the same. the story is great, and the ending is so sad that not only did it pull at my heartstrings, but it cut my heartstrings and made me wanna cry until my eyes were gone. The choices made are tough, but they don't have much effect on the ending of season 1, which means they will have a profound effect on the beginning of season 2. This episode throws everything at you, and the constant death in this episode will make you wonder if you would ACTUALLY survive a zombie apocalypse.

This game series has done what I thought no game, movie, book, or most songs could do. It made me feel saddened and made me care about every character in the game, even the ones that I knew right off that I would hate. Telltale has done the best game of 2012, by far, and I say thank you to Telltale for finally making me care for my characters.