I've been waiting for Bioshock Infinite for about 2 years now, and it's everything I have wanted, or at gameplay wise.

The story is amazing. I won't talk about it, since it is the main part of the game, and the one that everybody cares about, but it is great, and will definitely give you the twist ending that you expect this time around. The controls feel on par with most FPS, and sometimes even better with the edition of plasmids and skyline combat. The guns themselves aren't as creative. The first batch are definitely cool and fun to use, but they are just covered in red cloth and painted red, given a different function(sort of) and called a new name, and we shouldn't be none the wiser. They aren't boring to use and some of the copied guns are more fun than the originals, but it doesn't change the fact. The game looks great from a distance, but up close they look a little worse. Up close, some of these textures are worse off than COD. The enemies are varied and fun to fight, and they give a good challenge, even on the easiest difficulty. Since you come back with only a little money and health gone, it doesn't feel to punishing to die, but the game really shines when played on 1999 difficulty. The atmosphere is just perfect. I haven't been an atmosphere this great since Metro 2033, and that's saying something. When you're not shooting at stuff, you are playing carnival games, getting in racist raffles, watching cortets on a floating ship, and seeing mechanized horses go up the street. These moments are few, and I wish that there were WAY more of them, because they made me feel more emotion than all the shooting.

This is the definitive Bioshock experience, and it should not be missed. This game is definitely for Bioshock fans, fans of good shooters, fans of good stories, or fans of just great games.