One of the biggest thing s I should stress before starting to write this review is I loved this game. I have always been a huge fan of 80's music and television shows, so this game was truly a blast from the past for me. I recommend that anyone who has doubts about this game buy it because it is definitely worth it. 

The name states that this game is obviously related to Far Cry 3, and this game plays beautifully in the engine. The shooting is just the same as if you were playing in Far Cry 3 with a key twist. The lighting and led lights which have been added to give it that 80's feel make the guns look sleek and don't take away from the shooting mechanics of the game. An excellent feature of the game is shown with the sniper. You get a futuristic infrared scope while keeping that 80's vibe. I have to say my favorite difference between Blood Dragon and Far Cry 3 is the gun add-ons. You can add as many add-ons as you want instead of the 2 cap in Far Cry 3. This makes it so you can make a bodacious laser cannon instead of an under-powered simplistic sniper. 

The story of the game is very entertaining, but it can be hindered if you decide to not dive straight in. The side missions and side collectibles can get dull as they are all fairly the same. You save a hostage and kill some futuristic animals. This is all good fun, I just wish they had added a bit more variety in order to keep me fully interested in the game. I decided to go and get all of the bases cleared before moving to the main missions and it got tedious after a while. Not at all because it was hard, but because it was boring when everything was the same. 

Some of the best differences between Blood Dragon and Far Cry 3 are the level perks. The health bar limit expands so greatly that by level 20, health is no longer an issue. There is no fall damage (a true life saver), and you run with cheetah speed. I felt like a true Cyber Commando after an hour of playing the game. The voices and funny puns made throughout make the game such fun. Rex made the game a laugh riot while in combat due to his constant badgering of enemies.

I loved this game, but it is no 10 in my book. I know many people like a game and instantly want to give it a 10, but that isn't right. Gameinformer has taught me how to value a game, and an 8.5 is still great. I would recommend this game to anyone as it was great fun to me. It was worth every penny to be a Cyber Commando, and I hope you can enjoy it too.