Dishonored is a game that I bought mostly out of appreciation for someone creating a new game that wasn't a sequel to an already successful franchise. I'm about tired of Call of Duty, Gears of War, Halo, and Assassins Creeds. 

It was a GREAT buy.

If you enjoy the kind of ingenuity that Bioshock offers, then that alone says you should play this game. It's not often enough that game companies call on the player to play through games in more than one general way. 

Almost every shooter on the market is generally, "start mission, kill bad guys, swap weapons (if you want), rinse and repeat".


But Dishonored offers the player the option  to play through the ENTIRE game without killing a single guard.

While at the same time giving you powers and weapons to make killing dozens of guards a very, very tantalizing option.


You play as Corvo the protector of the Empress, and you get framed for the untimely death of, you guessed it, the Empress. The rest of the plot is filled with twists and turns that I won't give away.


To be completely honest, the gameplay and settings make the storyline almost optional. 

While there are some guilt ridden moments where you choose between killing or not killing a key character. For the most part, Dishonored is driven by perfectly executed abilities and swordplay and open-ended exploration in a withering city.


And the city is Dunwall


Dunwall is a plague filled city in the Elizabethan time period. With one difference. Dunwall has harnessed the power of whale oil, giving the city a futuristic boom in technology. A lot of Half Life reminiscent machines and enemies are a product of that. 


The city itself is beautiful in a kinda disgusting, plague-y, rat infested sort of way.  Streets are littered with trash while buildings belonging to higher ups seem pristine and proper. Think French Revolution.


Each setting in Dunwall is a huge enjoyment to explore and plunder for Runes and Bone Charms, which act as upgrades for yourself and your powers.

Your powers, are what separate you from the typical Dunwall guard.

Given to you by someone known only as "The Outsider", they are the pinnacle of Dishonored.


Blink, is the first ability you get. And it is without a doubt the most flawless teleport to be in a game since Shadowrun. If this was the only ability in Dishonored I would still play it and enjoy it just as much. 

But they didn't stop at blink, other powers include stopping time, possessing animals, and summoning a swarm of rats, amongst others. All fitting the game perfectly, never seeming over-powered and melding well with the games core concept. Blending these powers with excellent sword play is some of the most fun I've in a while.


Dishonored did have some rough patches for me though...


For a game based on stealth,  mechanics were a little off for the AI. Randomly spotting you across the map and blowing your cover, pathways often led to a guard walking into walls for no reason, and the introduction of search hounds is very clumsily executed.

Go play this game, it is a breath of fresh air in a repeating cycle of boring FPS's. I became attached to Dunwall and it's dirty residents, I loved the powers and how they melded to my style of play, and the mixture of stealth and action this game brought to the table was ideal. Those 3 reasons are strong enough for me to play through it again and again.