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SHORT Dark Souls Review

When I saw the trailer for Dark Souls II during VGA on spike, I suddenly got very hyped even

though I'd never played Dark Souls, so I got it. The game is amazing, but very hard. Here are the


this is the best fantasy / role playing game to date, but then add extremely difficult enemies

that make the game not for everyone. This game is extremely challenging, forcing you to load, load,

and load again. By the time I defeated the second boss in the game, I already had six different

campaigns. Even though this is a very challenging game, many casual gamers can make it a long


 The enemies in dark souls are mostly the same. You're basically fighting a lot of undead. In a

forest, you fight plant-like monsters. The bosses, on the other hand, are all very different and each

require different tactics to defeat. I really enjoyed that your shield actually blocked attacks unlike


The open world part of Dark Souls is fantastic! There's a big map but it isn't just flat land like

most open world games. You can go high places that will give you hours and hours of fun. I love the

fact that you don't get an actual map so the layout isn't just given away. You actually have to imagine

what the map looks like. I also love the way everything connects.

In Dark Souls You don't have an objective or map marker telling you "Go there!" You must

rely on your memory to find out if you're going the right direction or if you are going back to where

you started.

The weapons are suburb. You can use swords, axes, spears, and other items such

as shields. The armors are a bit vague. Most enemies you find have hollow warrior armor

or soldier armor, but the other armors you find throughout the game


Gameplay: 9/10

Sound: 9/10

Weapons: 10/10

Enemies: 9/10

Overall: 9.5/10

  • *Facepalm
    I wouldnt even consider this a review, its not even a paragraph its just a bunch of sentences with terrible spaces in between them. Also there is a few pictures. 0/10
  • Well, your review was spot on about the difficulty! xD You need to work on the formatting a bit though. Also, there is more of a story than you think. You really have to look hard, but alas, it's there. You can also research on the game's lore. Just be a bit more descriptive with the game's gameplay. You have a lot of potential as a reviewer down the line!
  • Work on the formatting and back up some of your statements a bit, and I think you've got a good review. And going off what Carsonish said, there's definitely a story. Have you completed the game yet? And I have to agree with Master Chief that you don't really need to tell if the game is inappropriate or not. Although it doesn't have to be said in such a rude tone... And since when did pictures determine the quality of a review? Otherwise, it's decent. Just needs some work.
  • How many hours did you put into the game before writing this review? I've beaten it 3 times and still don't think I could write a suitable review. Also I'm disappointed you didn't realize there was a story, despite how convoluted it is. Besides the formatting issues others described I'd say you should try to really know the game before passing judgement. I'm happy you didn't harp on the games sometimes unreasonable enemies and boss battles though.