I'm keeping this short and to the point. This is the most awful, buggy, unpolished PC port I think I've ever played -- I've played movie tie-in games with less bugs. The game glitched out nuts both just randomly in a mission and when I tried to change the resolutions. I tried it on two different PCs, and in both cases, it refused to save any progress, at least until suddenly Auto Save started working again, sometimes. The balance is set towards mid-to-end game gameplay, and the game lacks genuine immersion by logic breaking strategies that would -never- work in the real world. Graphics are basic at best, and the story is horrible by comparison to recent strides in improving game narrative. Cutscenes are far too frequent for a game supposedly about making your own story. Squad customization is both randomized and limited, and the campaign is less than impressive. The multiplayer is decent, but rather last minute and doesn't really add anything to the game besides a genuinely intelligent opponent. Too many times I've lost soldiers not due to lacking tactical sense or knowledge of the map, but because of a random dice roll that wouldn't play out that way in -any- real world combat situation. The UI is likewise horrid on PC with grenades and rockets misfiring because you're a millimeter off target. The only times the game gets good are rare, and even then, they aren't anything like what a genuine XCOM game would be like. I find it hilarious supposed hardcore XCOM fans wanted this game over the FPS, as the FPS actually has more in common with the original series than this trite piece of crap. I feel bad that 2K had to go to Firaxis and approve this to appease the. I wanted to love this game, I spent over 29 hours -trying- to love it, across two playthroughs, on two different PCs, with increasingly lowered expectations as time went on. Instead, it's just horrible, buggy, and badly handled. It's a hot mess, not worth even twenty dollars. I've heard reports that console versions are better, but even so, doesn't that say something? Firaxis is a predominantly PC-centric developer, yet their new XCOM game is made to run better on consoles? And the UI is designed around console controls, have no doubt about that, as I tried the PS3 demo and not only did the game run smoother, it also had better graphical clarity and lacked number of UI bugs. But that still leaves the questionable balancing, horrible story, and lackluster campaigns. You can unlock almost everything in research right away, and you progressively get ridiculous amounts of resources as time goes on. Permadeath is present, but only has a real effect if you're playing on Iron Man mode or are screwed like me and have to reload autosaves at the beginnings of missions just to try again. I cannot recommend you stay away from this game strongly enough. Go get the original games in the 15 dollar downloadable pack on Amazon. Go get a board game. Go get Civ 3. Hell, go get an indie XCOM inspired game off of Steam/Desura. Don't buy this game.