Color me surprised. Did anyone really think a Star Trek tie-in would work, let alone be fun? I sure didn't, but here we are. Instead of a long review, I'm just going to simplify this with a list of pro's and con's. 


Pro's - It works

  - The inside of the Enterprise looks fantastic

  - The characters from the movie do a superb job voicing the game. None of them phone it in

          - The game rewards exploration

  - It's a meaty game, 10 hours or more to complete it

  - The music is fantastic, as is the overall sound design

  - The story is well told and action packed

  - The combat is surprisingly solid 

  - The enemy A.I. is surprisingly solid. They flank, get into cover, and try to outsmart you with unpredictable movements. You can never tell what they're going to do next

  - You get to control the Enterprise...Control...The...Enterprise...!



Cons - When not inside the Enterprise, the game's visuals take a nosedive

   - Glitchy animations can take you out of the experience, and platforming feels severely unpolished

   - The weapons don't feel very powerful, and even your Phaser leveled up overheats way too quickly

   - The game is meaty, which is a good thing, but they re-use a ton of assets and the pacing is off. It's a long ride, and one that can be very tedious

   - The A.I. for Spock is busted. He gets stuck on everything, and rarely healed me when I needed to be saved, which is odd since the enemy A.I. is so good

   - The hacking mini-games are duds, and are re-used way too often

   - You die at the drop of a hat, and health doesn't regenerate

   - Whenever control is taken away from you for whatever reason, it switched your weapons so you are no longer holding the weapon you had just a few seconds ago. This can be catastrophic, especially if you are going for "Commendations" which require you to only stun fellow , poisoned crew mates, but instead they switch weapons on you and you accidentally blow one away


It's a solid experience through and through. It's got its problems, but most of them aren't enough to take away from the solid game underneath. They do a great job with immersion, and making you feel like you really are on an adventure with Kirk and Spock. Worth the money.