After playing this for a few hours today, I came to the conclusion that this game is awesome!  The chatter between characters is hilarious though its off putting when they make fun of you...especially Brock.  It doesn't bug me though, I found it fun to buy the other players drinks and get them drunk so they slipped up and being able to unlock cool things for my xbox really made this game shine.  For only 10 bucks I get laugh after laugh especially when Ash voiced by Bruce Campbell asks Sam from Sam and Max if he ever used another weapon.  He replied, "I did try running around with an Ax for a while...but people started calling me Sam Ax (same character Bruce Campbell currently plays on Burn Notice)"  Ash then continues to make fun of the name... The biggest kicker is GLaDOS from Portal, she is there to make fun of you as often as she can...and it is hilarious!  With the graphics not spectacular, which I wasn't expecting anything fancy, I was pleasantly surprised and now love this game