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FTL (AKA Star Trek, the game)

Very fun, challenging, and rewarding. You feel like your a real space captain making decisions, à la Star Trek. It's not like any other space sim/strategy game out there, as you only control one ship, and its crew. At first it seems simple and easy, but it gets real tough and you have to come up with your own strategies. 

Support indie developers! It's well worth the 10$!

Graphics = N/A Depends on if you like retro style graphics or not. I do, and the game looks perfect, and the UI is simple and easy to grasp.
Sound = 9.5/10 Amazing soundtrack that changes depending on whats going on, and sound design is top-notch.
Replay = Basically infinite, there are achievements, new ship types and layouts to unlock, and its totally random each time you play.
Story = N/A

OVERALL = 9/10


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