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wow, people...

i cant understand how you rate this game poorly because of

1. lack of a decent story

2. feels like the same game

3. glitches.


if that is all, you people are crazy. example, CALL OF DUTY! its the same damn game every year, just new skins and new levels, but it has a *** story, and it IS the same game. and glitches? come on, all games have glitches when they first come out, but are always fixed.


im sorry Deep Silver didnt pay the reviewers enough to rate this a good game, but i love it so far, and so do my friends  

  • I think the game is good, but it's a bit overly difficult and that spoils some of the fun

  • giving a game an 8 isn't rating it poorly you cry baby

  • FYI, an 8.00 is not a bad score.